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Live Auction: Saturday, December 9th 12pm.
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Auction items must be picked up on Saturday, Dec. 9th by 3pm @Mcauliffe’s Ace Hardware.

Bid Board 1 | Ends at 9:30am

Sponsored by Nationwide Children’s

Bid Board 2 | Ends at 9:45am

Sponsored by Richwood Bank

Bid Board 3 | Ends at 10:05am

Sponsored by The Moose Lodge

Bid Board 4 | Ends at 10:17am

Sponsored by McCarthy & Cox & Cardinal Health

Bid Board 5 | Ends at 10:38am

Sponsored by DP&L

Bid Board 6 | Ends at 10:50am

Sponsored by Meijer

Bid Board 7 | Ends at 11:02am

Sponsored by Honda R&D and HAM

Bid Board 8 | Ends at 11:22am

Sponsored by Memorial Health

Bid Board 9 | Ends at 11:35am

Sponsored by Honda Marysville